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 Family Friends Veterinary Hospital and Kennel is one of the few Veterinary hospitals in our area offering Class IV Laser Therapy for dogs and cats.






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The Laser unit emits a laser light that penetrates deep into the skin/tissue layers and stimulates cellular energy and metabolic processes which promote healing and tissue regeneration. It also stimulates the release of natural, pain killing chemicals within the body which facilitate long lasting pain relief.


Laser Therapy can be an effective non-invasive, pain-free, drug-free treatment process that can aid and treat a variety of conditions affecting dogs and cats. Laser Therapy can be used in conjunction with other treatment protocols for:

Pain Relief

* Arthritis     * Hip Dysplasia     Degenerative Joint Disease     
* Ligament/Tendon Tears      * Muscle Tears      * Fractures      * Anal Glands 
    *  General Pain Management

Skin Problems

* Lick Granulomas     * Hot Spots     * Otitis Externa     * Inflammation

Increase Healing Speed

* Wounds     * Bites     * Abrasions     * Burns and Lesions   
*  Soft Tissue Injuries     *  Surgical Procedures     * Dental Procedures


Each pet is unique and has their own health issues therefore; each Laser Therapy treatment plan is customized to meet your pet’s special needs.
For chronic issues, the treatments are often performed on a “3-2-1” basis: three treatments the first week; two treatments the second week and one treatment the third week.  After that, treatments may be performed on an “as needed basis” (weekly/monthly) to manage pain.
Acute painful issues or slow healing wounds may require daily treatment.  
Each Laser Therapy session takes less than 20 minutes to complete, depending on the number of areas treated. 
A hand held probe is used to apply the laser light in a grid like fashion to the affected body areas.  Each treatment is pain-less and drug-free so, no anesthesia is required.


Laser Therapy is cumulative in nature; a series of visits is required to get the maximum benefit.  In many cases, a degree of improvement will be seen after the first visit.  In general, the majority of patients will show greater comfort and improvement 12 to 24 hours after each treatment.

As your pet’s mobility increases and their pain is diminished, often times you are able to cut back or eliminate pain medications such as Rimadyl and/or Tramadol.


If your pet suffers from limited mobility, suffers from chronic pain, has continuous skin problems, or has recent soft tissue trauma, Laser Therapy may be helpful. 
Our Veterinarians and trained staff look forward to discussing your pet’s special needs.


We customize each Laser Therapy session according to the pet’s individual needs.  Therapy sessions can be purchased one treatment at a time, although the majority of our clients prefer to purchase the cost effective three or six package plan.  Please call us for details.

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