Bringing Your Senior Dog Comfort with Your Boxborough Veterinarian


As we age, so do our furry friends. Depending on the breed, some dogs enter their senior years much earlier than others, which is why your Boxborough veterinarian strives to provide our clients with all the important information necessary to make sure your beloved pet lives a long and healthy life. Visiting our office about twice a year is highly recommended for senior dogs. We understand that it can be a bit worrying as your dog gets older, which is why we’re here to help!


Vision Loss and Other Eye Issues
If you find that your dog is acting a bit more clumsy than usual, he or she may be suffering from vision loss, or potentially an eye disorder. As they get older, deteriorating eyesight is part of the normal aging process, but it’s still important to check with us to make sure it’s not any sort of disease.


Treatable eye diseases such as corneal damage, dry eye syndrome, or conjunctivitis are all possible for your dog. Cataracts are also treatable with surgery. Since loss of vision is typically irreversible, don’t hesitate to ask us ways to help your dog adjust to their change in lifestyle.


Bad Breath and Other Oral Problems
Has your dog been showing off a gummier smile than in previous years? This could be due to the lack of proper dental care provided for your dog. Without brushing their teeth or bringing him to our office for a professional cleaning, your pet could be experiencing bad breath, gum inflammation, and loss of teeth.


It’s never too late for your dog to have a healthy smile! Give us a call to see how we could help improve your dog’s at-home dental treatment or to schedule their cleaning with us.


Excessive Weight Gain or Loss
As dogs get older, they may have difficulty maintaining their standard, healthy weight. They may be able to pack on the pounds far more easily, or their appetite could change, causing them to lose more weight than what’s healthy for them. If you’ve noticed a drastic change in either direction, address this to us right away! We want to ensure your dog’s comfort in their senior years, so a change in diet and exercise could be the simple solution.


If your senior dog is experiencing any of these symptoms mentioned above, or something that hasn’t been mentioned, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our Boxborough veterinarian by calling 978-263-3412. We want to ensure that your beloved pet lives a long and healthy life, especially in their senior years.