Spay and Neuter procedures are very commonly performed. This surgery can be very beneficial to both your pet’s overall health as well as animal population control. Typically, dogs undergo this procedure after they are 6 months old. 
After a spay procedure, also referred to as an ovariohysterectomy, your female dog will no longer be able to breed or carry puppies. Risks to females that are intact (non-spayed) are also at risk for mammary gland tumors and uterine infections.  
Neutering your male dog, also referred to as an orchiectomy, has several health benefits. Neutered dogs have a reduced risk of developing prostate disease; neutering also eliminates the risk of testicular cancer.
At Family Friends, we can help guide you in deciding the ideal timing for spay and neuter, as well as discuss any questions or concerns you have about the process.