At Family Friends Veterinary Hospital & Kennel, your pet is our priority. We are proud to be one of the few veterinary hospitals in the area offering Class IV Laser Therapy for dogs and cats.
Laser therapy is a non-surgical and pain-free process. This drug-free treatment, utilizes a laser light that deeply penetrates into the skin and tissue layers of your pet. The non-invasive laser promotes healing and increases the regeneration of tissues, by stimulating cellular energy and metabolic processes.
Pain Relief
Laser therapy is effectively used to relieve pain from the following conditions:
Hip Dysplasia
Degenerative Joint Disease
Ligament/Muscle/Tendon Tears
Anal Glands
General Pain Management
Skin Problems
If your pet is suffering from the following skin issues, laser therapy may be utilized to treat:
Lick Granulomas
Hot Spots
Otitis Externa
Laser Therapy Sessions
In order to achieve maximum benefit and success, a series of visits are required. Most cases see improvement after their first session, and steadily improves over the next 12-24 hours. Very often, clients are able to cut back or completely eliminate pain medications they had been administering to their pets as mobility increases and pain reduces.
Laser Therapy not only treats specific conditions, but can aid in the healing process of other ailments. Some of these conditions include:
Burns and Lesions
Soft Tissue Injuries
Surgical Procedures
Dental Procedures
How Long Does it Take?
Family Friends Veterinary Hospital knows that no two animals are the same. Our Laser Therapy treatment plans are custom-made, per specific needs. Each individual session is completed in under 20 minutes. The amount of time may vary based on the number of areas being treated during that session.
Issues that are causing severe pain to your pet may require treatment on a daily basis. A “3-2-1” treatment schedule is often employed for chronic issues. Your pet would receive three treatment sessions during week one, two sessions during week two, and one session during week three. Once the “3-2-1” schedule has been completed, they will be performed on an “as needed basis.”
Affordable for Every Pet Owner
Laser Therapy sessions are very affordable.  They can be purchased in a 3 or 6 session package plan, or one treatment at a time. The majority of our clients opt for 6 Laser Therapy treatments which costs less than $200.00 for the package. 
Please call our office today to discuss your pet's special needs.