Dog Park Etiquette – What You Should Know

If you live in an urban or suburban setting, chances are that you’ve visited a dog park. These set-apart areas offer a mini-kingdom for your pooch to play unrestricted. They have the freedom to explore, run, socialize and sniff at will.
Just like any public activity, there are some basic etiquette rules that need to be followed to keep peace and order. When you visit the dog park with your best friend, be sure to keep everyone safe and happy by following these guidelines.
Basic Dog Park Etiquette
If your dog is acting ill or has any symptoms, you shouldn’t take them to the park. Just like you wouldn’t want your dog to catch something contagious, you owe the other pets the same respect.
It’s wise not to take a puppy that is younger than four months old.
Don’t take your female dog if she is in heat.
Don’t allow your dog out of your sight. You must ensure that your pet doesn’t become aggressive with another animal.
Pick up after your dog.
Don’t bring food for your dog or yourself; save it for afterward.
Travel with your own portable water bowl for your dog to refresh themselves. Don’t use the water bowls located in the park as they often carry communicable diseases.
If you have a small dog, stay in the section designated for you. Even if they prefer to hang out with larger dogs, this is the safest place for them to visit.
Take a ball (or two) with for fun, but don’t be upset if it gets lost.
Don’t be afraid to intervene in any dog play that becomes too rough.
Above all, make some new friends and allow your dog to do the same. The dog park is meant to be an enjoyable experience, and it will be with your adherence to the guidelines.