How Often Should I Go to The Vet?

Going to the vet will be part of your routine once you get a pet, but how often do you expect to show up? How often you go to the vet depends on how old your pet is and if they have any problems with their health.




The younger your pet is and the older they get, will require them to come to see us more often, but why? Young pets need regular checkups, shots, and booster shots, especially when they’re still in their kitten or puppy phase. As your pet gets older, regular checkups will help us pinpoint potential problems in advance, ensuring you get the best quality of life for them throughout their senior years.




Checkups should be annual; just like you would go for a regular annual checkup, your pet should too. Your vet will evaluate them from ears to tail and ensure that they are physically well. If you have any behavioral problems you’re dealing with regularly, you can bring these up to us as well, as they can often be signs of illness.


Emergency Visits


No one likes these kinds of visits, but if you have a veterinary emergency call us as soon as possible and get to us as soon as possible. The faster you get to us, the better for your pet’s health and wellbeing.


Regardless of your veterinary visit, you should see us at least once a year for annual and regular wellness visits. If your pet has medical ailments, you will likely need to see us more often than that to ensure they get better. Feel free to give our office a call to set up your next appointment!