What are Pet Allergies


Pet allergies, much like human allergies are biological reactions to different things that their bodies rally against. These reactions can range from slight to severe and could require a varying amount of veterinary assistance, but what can you do?


Mild Allergy Symptoms


Scratching, itching, vomiting, hair loss, sores, and more are symptoms of mild to moderate allergy symptoms. These symptoms can lead to pain, irritation, and even a change of behavior in your pet. These symptoms should always be followed up with our office. Verifying the source of your pets’ allergy is essential, as you’ll need to remove the source. Which may be any kind of new addition available, from food to new litter or cleaning supplies anything could cause an allergic reaction. 


Soothing Symptoms


Soothing the symptoms of allergies isn’t difficult if you know what you’re working with. Firstly after establishing the source of the allergy, remove what’s causing it. From there, depending on the severity of your pet’s allergy you can soothe the symptoms individually, for example, soothing hair loss and dry skin can be handled with coconut oil. Always talk to us before making a change in your pet’s diet like this, and discuss with us the best ways to soothe your pet’s symptoms.


You should constantly keep in contact with us as your pet works through their allergies. We can help you with everything from initially identifying the allergy, to soothing it and ensuring the allergen doesn’t affect them further. Give us a call to set up your next appointment!