What is Pet Insurance?


Pet insurance is precisely what it sounds like. Health insurance for your pet can take an astronomical amount of stress off your shoulders, depending on the provider you go through.




Most pet insurance can hold deductibles anywhere between $250 to $2000 per visit. These deductibles are what you have to pay out of pocket, along with a small percentage of the total bill. For example, if you have a $5000 veterinary bill with a $250 dollar deductible with the insurance paying 80 percent, your bill would go from 5000 to 1250 because of the insurance, which can be as low as $20 a month. 


How Pet Insurance Helps


Pet insurance helps you handle your veterinary bills by allowing you to minimize them. Veterinary emergencies are stressful enough, and though some insurance companies make you submit paperwork and information after the fact, there are some you can contact directly as emergencies happen to get reimbursed quickly. 


Picking the Right Insurance Provider


It’s suggested to have a health insurance provider for your pet to help minimize veterinary bills in an emergency. Picking the right provider isn’t easy though, many providers have incredibly high deductibles with low percentages of coverage. So take your time and review multiple policies to ensure you get the best possible option for you and your pets. 


Pet insurance isn’t easy to set up, but the sooner you set it up, the better. Trying to get insurance the day of an emergency usually ends up leaving you alone in the dark. If you have any questions about insurance providers we accept, feel free to give us a call or ask at your next appointment!