Sharing Holiday Meals with Pets

It’s no secret that the next month or so will be full of hearty meals as you’re surrounded by friends, family, and countless loved ones. It’s almost impossible not to have some leftovers, whether they’re from your own home-cooked meals or you were given some to take home. So, what’s next?


It’s quite common for pet owners to share their leftovers with their wonderful pets, but that may not always be the best choice! Check out these helpful tips from your Boxborough vet to protect your pet from the harmful meals that could be surrounding your household during the holidays.


Don’t Overwhelm Your Pet with a Ton of New Food

It’s always fun and exciting to try new food, but that’s not always the case with your pets. Since your pet is typically limited to their standard animal food, perhaps with a combination of treats that they’re also familiar with, they may not react well to all the foods you’d like them to try. If you’re interested in your pet trying something new, stay away from the things that are too spicy or full or seasonings – try foods that are low in fat and keep the portions small.


No Chocolate, No Grapes, No Macadamia Nuts

While these may seem obvious, it’s still a great reminder! Chocolate and grapes are both extremely toxic to pets like dogs and can also cause sensitivity issues in the digestive system of other pets, too. It’s just easier to keep those away at all costs. Macadamia nuts also have an unknown toxic compound that can make dogs vomit, become weak and lethargic, and can result in temporary hind end paralysis.


Be Mindful of Your Pet’s Current Diet
If your pet currently has a special diet or has a sensitive digestive system, it’s safer to keep them away from all these foods altogether. No matter how cute your dogs or cats look as they’re silently asking you for a bite or two, you’ll be grateful keeping them away from these foods, so you won’t have to clean up any potential negative reactions.


Looking for more information? Don’t hesitate to ask your Boxborough vet by calling us at PHONE NUMBER. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, as well as your loving pets!